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Dark Souls 2 Black Screen Bugfix

For those of you that also like to be brutally murdered again and again in one of the most difficult games on the market: I have good news for you! As you might know (considering you are visiting this post) the Dark Souls 2 launch was pretty messy with many people left in the dark (get it? hehe, dark as in Dark Souls) with the game crashing on start-up or simply displaying a black screen after trying to start a new game. But thankfully the solution is quite simple.

Welcome to Dark Souls 2

Welcome to Dark Souls 2

After looking around for awhile and seeing many vague comments like “F♥♥♥ From Software!” and “Why the f♥♥♥ can’t you make f♥♥♥ing games that work you f♥♥♥s” that somehow did not help me get to the root of the problem, I figured it might be a codec problem. After all, Dark Souls and most other games generally do start with a intro into the story and we all know what happens when you try to play a video without the proper codec (read: nothing).

Alas, even after installing Shark007’s Codec Pack (don’t install K-Lite please, it will make your computer unstable) Dark Souls was still no go. Then I remembered that I have the N-version of Windows (which means it didn’t come with Windows Media Player and related technology pre-installed, due to some European anti-monopoly law fuckery).

Onwards! The Solution:

Lo and behold! The majestic black screen bugfix!

Lo and behold! The black screen bugfix!

Just download the following media pack from Microsoft, install and restart. You’ll be up and hollow within no-time!