Nextgen NivoSlider wordpress plugin

I’ve recently released the first version of the Nextgen Nivoslider wordpress plugin.

It’s built upon the work of JJ coder, updating the version of Nivo to 3.2 and adding new features/fixing bugs. You can find it at

Please let me know of any issues! I will be updating the plugin as I have the time to spend.

What is the Nextgen NivoSlider plugin?
It’s a plugin that allows you to use a NivoSlider in WordPress by using a shortcode. It allows you to populate the NivoSlider images pulled from your NextGen Gallery by gallery ID, image tags or both.

New features:
* NivoSlider 3.2 which is responsive
* Resize options for the images using TimThumb(v2)
* Conditional loading
* Additional Nivo options such as prevText, nextText, randomStart

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    Mario June 26, 2013

    Hi, how are you?
    I’m using your plugin in a lot of sites, but i’m having an issue with the resize option. Don’t sure which folder i’ll need to set the 777
    Can you send me a tip to configure it?
    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards,


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