GrooveControl – A GrooveShark music player

Do you use GrooveShark to listen to music? If so you might like GrooveControl, a “standalone” version of the website with additional features that make it that much more usable as a music player.

After trying several alternatives, such as WinGrooves, I’ve developed GrooveControl quite a long time and I’ve been using it ever since. Now I’m releasing it to the public.

Using Google Chrome as the engine it’s fast and incredibly stable. It also allowed me to directly interface with GrooveShark using the Google Chrome plugin system. As such you can enjoy listening without interruptions or having to open the page to switch songs every time. Using the global customizable hot-keys you can pause/play, switch and favorite tracks without having to leave your current application, whether you’re simply browsing the Internet or doing something in a full-screen application.


* Listen to music with no interruptions!
* Minimize to tray
* Stable playback, no crashing
* Music popup with album art (Unicode Support)
GrooveControl Popup

* Hotkey control
GrooveControl Settings Dialog

-> Download the installer here!

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